What is kwybnc?

kwybnc is a small IRC proxy/bouncer which holds your IRC connection in case you log out. It is designed to be small, efficient, and secure. kwybnc is written by Ulrich Rhein (upr at users dot sourceforge dot net) and is published under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License Version 2.

Please note: kwybnc is still under development and not ready for use.

You can find more stuff about kwybnc at the sourceforge project page.


The main feature is that there are no features. This makes kwybnc very small (24k statically linked, stripped binary size) and efficient (30k RSS). Unlike other bouncers, kwybnc doesn't copy I/O data between read(2) and write(2) unless necessary, thus it is very efficient. On modern machines, this is rather a theoretical aspect, as bouncers don't need many resources in general.

System requirements

kwybnc should run on every UNIX compatible system that supports poll() and writev(). GNU make is required for the building process. It is known to compile on various Linux and BSD systems. Under Linux, you can optionally make use of the diet libc.

Obtain kwybnc

Alpha versions

CVS versions

Bleeding edge CVS versions. Get them from sourceforge CVS:

cvs login 
cvs -z3 co kwybnc2

See also: CVS ChangeLog, CVS TODO and CVS README.

Please note: Anonymous CVS and the CVS Web Interface are currently run on the backup server, which is one day behind the developer CVS access.

Report bugs

Report bugs to the bug tracking system at the sourceforge project page or directly to me.

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